Our Corporate Social Responsibility
A global sourcing policy based on responsible ocean stewardship

As an Iceland Seafood International (ISI) company, Iceland Seafood Germany bases its global sourcing policy on the following principles:

  • ISI’s objective is to source only from fisheries that are administrated in conformance with FAO Code of Conducts for responsible fisheries and have proper fishery management systems.
  • ISI supports independent and credible standards that are set to audit and approve fisheries that are well managed and will werever possible promote these fisheries to its customers.
  • ISI is committed not to source fish from stocks that are endangered.
  • ISI will help and support customers to make the right choice to source sustainable seafood.
  • ISI is committed to supply sustainable seafood to the consumer’s plate.
ESG Performance 2022

This report is the result of continued efforts of a data collection process across the group to report key sustainability metrics. The metrics are in accordance with the second version of voluntary non-financial guidelines for Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) issued by Nasdaq’s Nordic and Baltic stock exchange. Moreover, we have put emphasis on sustainable seafood as well as waste management.

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FAO Code of Conduct

Iceland Seafood International works according to the FAO code of conducts for responsible fisheries (FAO 2005). Most responsible fishing nations are working in conformance with the FAO code of conducts and have issued quota or have other means of regulating fishing within their own fishing zones.

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Iceland Responsible Fisheries

The FAO-Based Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Programme is a third party certification model used to verify responsible fisheries management in Icelandic waters and good treatment of marine resources.

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Iceland Seafood International actively develops and supports initiatives that positively influence sustainable fishing practices. In 2012, with other key suppliers, the company founded ISF (Iceland Sustainable Fisheries) which supports initiatives such as the MSC. Iceland Seafood International and its subsidiaries supply MSC product from around the World. The most recent development is that Icelandic Cod and Haddock is now MSC accredited and ISF anticipates this will lead to further Icelandic species being accredited in the future.

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